Piggy Sue...

Ladies Pigs Head Mask

If you go on a blind date and she looks like this without the mask, then its advisable to run as fast as possible. It is simply not possible to drink enough to turn this pig into a fox.


Piggy Sue Realistic Female Foam Pig Latex Mask

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  • Manufacturer: MakupArtist
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What a gorgeous gal snort snort!!! MakupArtist Miss Piggy Sue Foam Latex Mask, wig is sold seperate. This is a full head stretch to fit OF or Quick fit latex mask that comes with our standard permanent makeup. Our mask's use our revolutionary Foamex latex process that is soft and breathable and feels like human skin.
  • Light weight Foam Latex
  • Soft mask skin
  • Permanent Makeup
  • Accepts additional Makeup
  • Pretty girl