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Book for smelly underarms

You really dont need a book about it. 1. Simply wash (everyday) 2. Wear deoderant. Simple !

How to Rid Yourself of Underarm and Body Odour

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If you are or have ever been a sufferer from underarm odour, then this book is for you.

The book details the author’s journey from being a reticent, socially awkward sufferer from the condition who, despite following all the ‘regular’ advice (shower, wear clean clothes, use a deodorant) seemed resigned to living in this apparently non-curable state... to being completely odour-free and able once again to get close to people, without the dreadful self-loathing that being smelly brings about.

The book explains what the simple, cheap and superbly effective cure is, how it was discovered by the author, and gives detailed explanations as to why the dreadful condition of underarm odour occurs. It also explains how the regular advice that annoyed friends and relatives give you is largely useless. There are sample routines for personal hygiene and laundry methods, together with advice and anecdotes as to how these routines will work, and how quickly and easily you can rid yourself of this miserable, debilitating condition.

The cure is simple, cheap, effective and safe, and if you follow the advice as detailed in the book you can expect to be odour-free in a matter of days or even hours!