How to be More...

How to be more interesting

We're not sure if this book will actullay work. I doubt interesting and popular people got there by reading books like this.


How to be More Interesting

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Paperback. Pub Date: 2009 Pages: 304 Publisher: Penguin; Re-issue ed People spend VAST of 0.02 of money time and energy to achieve and maintain BEAUTY and yet despite its Undisputed Importance few of us devote similar efforts to be interesting. It is often thought that intelligence. beauty and confidence make you more interesting. This is not true. Being interesting is actually a state of mind. In How to be More Interesting. lateral-thinking guru Edward de Bono reveals how playing with ideas . making connections. speculating and using the imagination are at the heart of being an interesting person. With seventy exercises that will help you ing humour. insight and surprise to everyday situations. this book will ensure that people not only find you fascinating company but also won't be able to forget you.
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