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How to stop Farting

Not sure how to your man to stop farting? Then buy him this book and you can stop inhaling his poo particles immediately !

How to Stop Farting: The Ultimate Guide for Excessive Flatulence and Stomach Gas Relief

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If you have a flatulence problem and want to get rid of your gas issues for good, then this book is for you!

Farting may be trivial for people who don’t experience it or get embarrassed by it regularly, but it is actually a severe handicap for people who find it difficult to be gas free. Having a constant urge to fart can be a great hindrance to a person’s social life and sometimes even to their romantic life. Imagine a friendly get-together, or a romantic date, getting ruined by farting. Many people who have experienced it would agree that it is a serious issue. This ebook will help you understand the basic mechanics of the digestive system and how you can free yourself from flatulence by following simple lifestyle changes. Through reading this book, you will be aware of the myths and diet facts which you must know in order to effectively tackle this condition. And by the end of this book you will no longer worry that your presence in a group may give rise to shame and embarrassment.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • Why Does It Happen? The Facts Behind Flatulence
  • Food Facts to be Flatulence Free
  • Unhealthy Habits and Flatulence
  • Important List of Dos and Don’ts
  • Beyond Food and Gut
  • Much, much more!
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