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Milked By Force

The First Milking: Creating a Hucow (Hucow Dairy Farm Erotica) (Taking the Hucow Book 3)

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Karly, a gorgeous curvy woman, finds herself suddenly in a human dairy farm. Will she submit to her new life as a human cow?

Karly is the newest member of the Milkmaid Dairy Farm, known for its quality cream and milk products from human cows. She is hesitant to join the herd, so John, the commanding owner of the farm, and a few farmhands have to help her see the way to a happy hucow future. They are determined to make her produce milk like only birthing girls can.

Mack, a farmhand, and John are more than happy to give Karly her first milking and show her how good it feels to be a good human cow. The outcome is hotter and creamier than she could have imagined!

The First Milking: Creating a Hucow is the third book in the Taking a Hucow series.

This 5,300+ word short story focuses on a new human cow being taken and milked for the first time. This story includes cowboys, human cows, rough sex and an ample amount of dairy.