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Sex tips for women

Is your missus crap in bed? Does she lie there like a plastic mannequin? Do you get better head from the Dyson? Then buy her this book! You might want to consider following it up with some relationship counseling too.

Sucking Him: A Woman's Guide To Giving Head (+50 Tips & Techniques To Pleasure Your Man)

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Sucking Him - A Woman’s Guide To Giving Head (+50 Tips & Techniques To Pleasure Your Man)

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Let’s face it...

Men love blowjobs! The act of a beautiful feminine woman kneeling below a man while she sucks on his sacred sexual member with pure passion and joy is an absolute dream for most men. A woman that knows what she is doing while performing fellatio is able to connect with her man on a far deeper level. She can make her grown man moan, beg, and shake at his knees, all at the expense of the tricks she can perform with her mouth, tongue, and hands.

A blowjob for a man is the ultimate expression of love. Having the woman of his dreams caress his genitals to the point of an intimate, sensual and mind-blowing ejaculation, is a feeling that is beyond words for any man to describe.

Unfortunately, for many men, it can often be difficult to find a woman who is internally “strong” enough with a high enough level of “self-confidence” that enables her to feel comfortable performing fellatio, which many people view as a “vulnerable” act on the woman’s part. A lot of women will not even perform oral sex on their partners, for various reasons: they consider it taboo, lack the confidence, fear of putting genitals in their mouth, religious reasons, etc. And for those women that are confident and comfortable giving blowjobs, unfortunately the majority have no idea what they are doing, and they don’t even realize it!

This is a huge problem! Not just for men that are excluded from receiving this incredible sensual experience, but also for women. Women may have trouble connecting on a deeper level with their partner, because of their insecurities around performing fellatio, or in most cases, they lack the skills to give their partner a truly enjoyable, mind-blowing blowjob. I believe this is a result of our poor sexual education in schooling systems, and the way that sex and various sexual acts are portrayed by our media, religion(s) and culture(s). Because of these negative factors, most women do not bother to further improve their oral sex skills or partake in the act at all!

In this book, I will teach you how to “master” the art of fellatio. You will learn techniques that your man has never experienced from any other woman before. You will learn tricks outside the physical act of just the blowjob, such as; how to tease your man, and how to create a sexy, seductive build up to make him desperately need you! These acts alone will have your man on his hands and knees literally begging you for your blowjob while he tries to keep his erect penis hidden in his pants.

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Included In This Book...

  • How Giving A Blowjob Leads To Better Sex
  • Why Blowjobs Are The Ultimate Expression Of Love For Men
  • Where And How To Touch Him
  • Learn About His Penis And His Most Sensitive Areas For Pleasure
  • Teasing Him Before The Blowjob
  • 50 Techniques & Tips To Give Him The Best Sensual Blowjob He Has Never Had
  • How To Literally Make Him Cum Harder (Produce More Semen During Ejaculation) Than Ever Before!
  • Learn The Art Of The Tantric Blowjob Experience

Hurry Up! Master The Art Of Fellatio And Make Him Become Addicted To You!

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