In Your Pocket...

David Hasselhoff In Your Pocket

The Hoff is rarely on the screen these days so why not carry The Hoff around in your pocket instead ? !

In Your Pocket The Hoff in your Pocket

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We here at gadgetshop HQ remember Baywatch with fondness. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Baywatch is the most watched TV show in the world of all time, with over 1.1 billion viewers a week. We can't for a moment think why that could be. If you miss the Hoff's slow motion running and his soothing yet commanding voice, we have good news. For you can now slip a bit of the Hoff into your pocket and enjoy him wherever you venture. Featuring gems like 'Dude. Don't hassle the Hoff', you'll wonder how you ever survived without it.
  • Bring it everywhere you go
  • Will keep you entertained for hours
  • Let this keychain do the talking for you
  • Everyone needs the hoff in their lives