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Movies For Cats

Some bright spark came up with a movie that is designed for cats to watch so now you can turn your cat into a square eyes, couch potato too!


Movies For Cats - The Audio-Visual Cat Toy - Vol.1 : Animals That Cats Love - DVD Video - The Fascinating New TV Experience For You And Your Cat - The Gift 2014: Birthday or Easter Presents For Cats / Gifts For Cat Friends, Cat Lovers And Cat Fans

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Tatzenproduction presents the new Movies for cats

The audio-visual cat toy
Vol.1: Animals that cats love

The fascinating new TV experience for you and your cat The world of animals is exciting, it is alive, it is colorful and it is a real adventure for your cat. In exciting scenes you see kittens, gulls, swans, pigeons, ducks, bees, butterflies, squirrels, rabbits and dragonflies in their natural habitats. The various chapters of the movie will offer your cat a special entertainment. Experience at home, together with your loved ones, this colorful and sonorous world of animals on TV.

The pleasantly compiled DVD will guide you and your cat(s) in 11 chapters through the world of animals that fascinate cats. Small, agile animals and insects awaken their hunting instinct and their same species awaken their interest. So, for example, the cat Findus it catching mice, kittens are on bluster, butterflies flap wildly, just like the pigeons, gulls, ducks and geese. Rabbits are sitting quietly on the meadow and suddenly start running, while bumblebees and wasps busily do their jobs.

All chapters and the whole film can be played in an endless loop.
  • Short description: Audio- visual movie for the cat toys
  • 13 chapters in various scenarios
  • All chapters and the whole film can be played in an endless loop.
  • With: kittens, gulls, swans, pigeons, ducks, bees, squirrels, rabbits, dragonflies, butterflies, and many more.
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