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This is no ordinary stuffed piranha, it’s a red bellied one no less ! While alive this beautiful fish and a few of his buddies were capable of tearing all the flesh from your body and devouring you within just 5 minutes !


REAL Taxidermy Red Belly Piranha 20cm (8'') - Amazonian, Animal, Fish, Curiosities and Oddities

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  • Manufacturer: Piranha Interactive Publishing
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Amazing piece for a collection, or just to show off to your friends! Excellent quality taxidermy, beautiful red colour, original eyes and teeth look really great. Piranha will slightly differ from the one you will receive as each one is unique! Species is not protected/endangered, nor on the CITES List. This is considered a final product and perfectly legal to own this piece of taxidermy.
  • 20cm (8'') Real Taxidermy Piranha
  • Original Eyes and Teeth
  • Beautiful Red Colour
  • Professional Taxidermy
  • Museum Quality