Self Inflating...

Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion

This incredible innovation of the classic whoopee cushion actually inflates itself, thereby saving you the hassle of blowing it up between gags. Now thats what we call progress !


Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion, 1 Piece- Multi

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  • Product Code: W054-400-PMS-E
  • Manufacturer: Henbrandt
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This much improved whoopee cushion reinflates on its own. It's always ready to make it's classic botty burp noise. Reliable, easy to use and more fun than the original. The days are over of struggling to blow this up in time for the next prank. This is a joke that never gets old and everyone still manages to fall for it.
  • Whoopee Cushion ! 15cm Diameter
  • Hours Of Fun And The Perfect classic Prank
  • Hide cushion And Wait For The Might Roar
  • Sponge filled rubber cushion.
  • Reinflates automatically