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Bed restraint system

If you are concerned about quality, please note that this system was tested by no one other than Hannibal Lecter himself.  As no hooks are required, it is also a great option if you suddenly have the need to keep that first date in control while running to the closet to grab the ball gag.  It is also perfectly suited for travel, so moving around the country to avoid capture is now a reality.


Lovetwoo Bed Restraints for Couples | Bondage Kit With Straps and Cuffs - Fits Any Bed - Neoprene Velcro Cuffs - Made for Comfort

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  • Product Code: LT-BRK-001
  • Manufacturer: Lovetwoo
  • Available from: Amazon
This high quality under bed restraint kit is super comfy and strong enough to secure any partner. Easy to fit any size bed up-to and including king size. The straps are fully adjustable and slide easily underneath the mattress. A set of fitting instructions are included. The adjustable neoprene cuffs come in two sizes; one pair for the wrists and one pair for the ankles. This ensures a snug, comfortable fit regardless of the diameter of your partners wrists and ankles. The neoprene is very soft against the skin and the 'hook and loop' fastening ensures a quick and secure attachment. Release from the cuffs is similarly quick. Each cuff attaches to the straps via a strong quick release clasp and a metal ring. The entire kit fits into a handy storage/travel bag. We are so confident of the quality of this kit we will replace it free of charge if it breaks due to manufacturers defects within 12 months.
  • Instant fit to any size of mattress with fully adjustable straps; single, double or king size
  • Soft, padded neoprene cuffs ensuring a secure and comfortable fit, with quick release 'hook and loop' fasteners
  • Two different size of cuffs; for both wrists and ankles for optimum fit. You can hide them under the mattress when not in use
  • Heavy duty solid metal ring on each cuff with a quick release buckle
  • 12 month guarantee against defects, comes in a handy storage bag