Abdominal breathing exercise slimmer

Apparently now you don't need to go to the gym or pound the streets to lose weight anymore. No all you need to do is breathe ! (but it only works when you breathe through this piece of plastic)

Saturned(TM) Abdominal Breathing Exerciser Trainer Slim Slimming Waist & Face Loss Weight

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Abdominal breathing exerciser is a breakthrough product for respiratory fitness training, works to improve the strength of your lungs and slim your waist, face, and reduce abdomen.
Reduce breathlessness and increase lung capacity by strength-training your respiratory muscles
Power up your lungs with a daily workout from the comfort of your armchair
Simply use it for about five minutes a day(equal to 30 times' breathing)
Small and compact, you can take it anywhere
It can be used by almost anyone with no side effects
Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable
Three adjustable step for your choice: weak, medium and strong
How to use:
1. Hold this tool in the mouth, plump up your abdomen when inhaling, then breathe air out from your abdomen. Doing this action repeatedly for 30 times (about 5 minutes) every day.
2. Adjust entering air volume accordig to your status
3. Clear this tool with water after using

Material: Body - ABS plastic , Mouthpiece section - EVA plastic
Package includes: ?CALORIE BREATH-Abdominal Breathing Machine x 1 (no retail box)
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  • Type: Slimming tool
  • Material: Body - ABS plastic , Mouthpiece section - EVA plastic