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Baby Mop

Turn your baby into a mop so that they can help with the chores !

BABYMOP - Your Baby Helps Cleaning the House. Great Combo: Cleaning Mop + Rompers = BABYMOP!

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Let Your Baby Help Cleaning the House! Use the mobility of your baby and let it take on some of the household chores early in life.

Its wiggling, crawling, and rolling over efforts will be beneficial for your toddler as well as for your floor, because the mop fibers protect the fine tissue and the tender bones of your offspring while it cleans your floor.

A humorous baby gift!
You are looking for baby shower gift ideas or baby shower gifts? The BABYMOP® will raise a laugh! You will wow parents, relatives and guests at many occasions - and the crawling offspring will love to wear this funny rompers!

The BABYMOP® is ideal as new baby gift or as best baby shower gifts and christening gift. Of course it is also favorite as baby shower gifts for mom or as baby shower hostess gifts. Also as baby gift ideas, baby gifts for boys or newborn baby gifts. Are you looking for cute baby clothes, new baby gifts, baby shower gift or cool baby stuff and cool baby gifts? Then the BABYMOP® would definitely be a good idea. As baby shower gifts ideas, newborn gifts, baby shower gift ideas for boys and cute baby clothes for boys the BABYMOP® would also be a good match.

What ages and body heights does the BABYMOP fit?
The BABYMOP® is available in size 80 (=80 cm = 31,5 inch body height). This size matches most babies in the crawling age, which is between 8 and 12 months.

High quality in fabric and manufacture, made in Europe
The BABYMOP® is being produced from 100% pure, high quality cotton in Europe. It contains no harmful substances and is odourless.

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  • Thanks to the Babymop your floor will stay clean all by itself. Use the mobility of your baby and let your child take on some of the household chores early in life.
  • A great gift idea for a newborn, a baby shower or any other special occasions. Funny baby onesies!
  • Size 80 (8-12 months) - fits all toddlers at the crawling stage. Comfortable stretch materials, velour fabric, zipper at the back.
  • High Quality Product - 100% Soft Cotton - Handmade - Product comes exactly as pictured.
  • The product comes in a gender-neutral red. We supply the Babymop in a transparent bag with a humorous user manual.