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Bicycle Umbrella

I can't believe Ive never actually seen a cyclist using one of these amazing bicycle umbrellas! Those idiots must actually like getting wet!


Vktech Bicycle Umbrella Multi-angle Connector Holder

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  • Product Code: 54716-UK3
  • Manufacturer: Shenzhen Vakind Technology Co., Ltd.
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•Easily attaches to the side of any wheelchair, stroller, walker, deck chair or scooter by a simple base clamp
•Flexible arm allow for all angle positioning. Designed for protection against rain or sun,
•It has a height adjustable stem and a joint which allows the umbrella to be adjusted according to the angle of the sun.
•Fold easily for storage.
•Material: Stainless steel and hard plastic
•Full Length: Approx.50cm
•Folded Length: Approx. 29cm
•Holder Diameter: Approx. 2cm
•1 x Umbrella Connector Holder
  • Fold easily for storage.
  • Material: Stainless steel and hard plastic
  • Full Length: Approx.50cm
  • Folded Length: Approx. 29cm
  • Holder Diameter: Approx. 2cm