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Bug Hoover

This is a great gift for people who are scared of spiders and like having loads of superfluous electronic items clogging up their house.


Katcha® Bug Buster Spider Vacuum Blue! - Vac's/Sucks up live bugs!! Easily remove spiders from your home without touching them! - UK's Number 1 Spider Catcher Vacuum

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This is the ideal product for catching bugs around the home & in the garden. Simply point the end of the tube at the bug and press the switch to see the bug get sucked up the tube and out of harms way. Once caught simply add the cap to the end and take outside to be released. No need to touch the bug/insect. The length of the catcher is 64 cm (25") so your hand will be over a metre away from the bug if your arm is stretched out! It will get in all those tight areas on the ceiling and down beneath cracks. Once the bug is caught you can (if your brave enough) examine the bug. This is great for kids who want a close look at bugs without the danger of having to touch them. Free 9V Energizer battery!!
  • Vacuums / Sucks up live bugs - Ideal for Yellow Jackets & Mosquitoes!
  • Simply point at the bug and watch it get sucked up
  • Reach up into crack and crevices, Gets high into ceiling corners & around lights
  • 64 cm long!! A full arms length away from the bug!
  • Free 9V Battery!