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Bride and Groom fighting cake topper

Was the groom dragged kicking and screaming to the alter?  If so, this cake topper is the perfect gift to make their wedding even more memorable.  The slightly rough edges of this sculpture will mimic the equally “rough” state of the groom after having said his vows.  This resin cake topper is a great gift item for couples with a sense of humour.


HESHIFENG. party & accessories Wedding favor and decoration-Bride and Groom toppers Couple Figurine wedding cake topper for wedding cake decoration supplies cake Topper (T03)

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This personalized cake topper is unique desig for you, it is a best gift for wedding or anniversary party, the decoration on your special cake. Note:THIS IS A RUSTIC CUT DESIGN. The edges will not be perfectly smooth but instead will have a bit of a rigid hand sawn look to keep with the rustic theme.
  • Resin dolls
  • it is a best gift for wedding or anniversary party