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Spanking spoon for shit stirrers

The makers of this gift couldn't decide wether it is a spanking spoon or a spoon used for stirring shit. We have never actually heard of anyone using shit as a cooking ingredient though


Boxer Gifts Spanking Spoon Shit Stirrer

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World's Greatest S*** Stirrer - Giant Wooden Spoon Do you know someone who likes to cause trouble just for fun? That makes them a s***-stirrer and this giant spoon is just for them A huge spoon for a huge pain in the ass A special award for the office gossip, the school bully, the irritating relative or the nasty neighbour. Half a meter long (Approximately 20"). 10cm / 4" across widest point of the spoon.
  • Spanking Spoon Shit Stirrer
  • We all Know a Shit Stirrer - now here's the perfect gift for them
  • Perfect for the office gossip or that annoying relative
  • Can also be used for Cooking!
  • Great novelty gift