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Testicle Cycle Lights

These electric light balls are perfect for all those middle aged men in lycra who have larger and more dangly balls themselves !


Original bike balls - waterproof silicone taillight - bike light rear - 3 mode - batteries included

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  • Manufacturer: HORRT|#Hornit
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In a world filled with disgruntled drivers who hate sharing the road, you need some pretty serious balls to ride a bicycle these days. The morning commute is crying out for a little humour to diffuse the tension, and as a cyclist you need to be noticed! It's in this spirit that Bike Balls were created. Bike Balls are a raunchy rear bike light designed to be mounted beneath your bicycle saddle - they dangle off the seat rail and playfully bob-around as you ride. The simple mounting system is secure enough to stay on during bumpy rides whilst remaining easy to attach and take off. Made from waterproof silicone, this durable scrotum houses a powerful red LED to alert drivers to your presence. Just give them a gentle squeeze to turn them on (just like the real thing) and to switch between the various light modes. They're as functional as they are hilarious.
  • One of the best rear bicycle lights in the world/Can be Switched on and off (and the mode changed) with very little pressure.
  • Body made of high quality silicone with a strong built-in waterproof strap that is made to last.
  • Super Red effective LED with three modes – Constant Light/Slow Flash/Fast Flash.
  • Powered by 2 x CR2032 replaceable batteries with a usage time of 100 hours (constant light mode) or 190 hours (flashing).
  • Includes 2 x links for semi-permanent installation/Dimensions: approx.: 10 x 16 x 3.5 cm.